Magna Steyr Roadshow 2.0 Pitch
Concept • Creative Direction • CGI Kristina Reischl

Roadshow 2.0

Modular Infotainment System

The aim of this concept for Magna Steyr, which was awarded with the first prize, was to redesign the existing Roadshow system and experience, which keeps employees and clients up to date on recent developments. Therefore, the challenge was to find a solution to enhance internal and external communication as well as participation.

Roadshow 2.0


Attraction + Interaction + Information 

The concept focuses on how complex content and knowledge on internal developments can be communicated in an inviting and easy way to understand. Terms like attraction, interaction and information build the concepts fundament — focus areas will be created by the means of these three terms and combined into one overall concept.

01 Attraction

02 Interaction

03 Information

Step 1 — Corporate Design

First of all, a base will be created by the development of a coherent corporate design, which will later serve as a structured starting point for all further actions.

Step 2 — Modular Infotainment System

The modular infotainment system will allow to provide different information areas as well as the use of various medias to communicate certain information well-directed in an even more exciting manner. The resulting structures of the modular system will allow the construction of varying concepts and can be adapted individually to any environment. Plus, they are designed for a fast construction and deconstruction.

Combining the corporate design and the modular infotainment system, an inviting and professional atmosphere will be created. An atmosphere, which not only communicates appreciation to employees but also professionalism to external partners. In future, information and interaction areas within a relaxed environment could support internal and external communication as well as willingness to cope with complex contents.